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I am so delighted that you are here, this means you are considering a Destination Wedding in Italy.

Magical choice!

I simply love loving others, all things Italian, words in both languages, I am a fully fledged pasta and pizza eater, although I still love a cuppa and chocolate digestives to dunk!

My style is polished, shabby chic, retro, vintage, colour, sparkle, class and elegance. I love to stand out! Travelling and meeting people from all around the world excites me and is the most rewarding emotionally.

Having lived in Italy for 20 years this is where I call home, with my Italian looks and style, British accent and a big warm, bubbly heart I can help you create wonder ceremonies, possibly quirky, emotional and unconventional, it is really your choice.

Ciao, I’m Michelle,

Looking for some inspiration?

I would be delighted to assist you in celebrating your hearts together in this loveland.

Be Inspired

A Ceremony of any kind is an important and unique event in Italy, your choice of destination will make this epic chapter one to enjoy and rejoice for years to come.

At Elegant Amore you are the priority we really do care so much, we spend time getting to know you so we can capture your real hearts together and personalise bespoke ceremonies to perfection that mirror you and your sentiments.

Based in central Italy no destination is ever too far, qualified, insured, bilingual and completely open to you.

Bespoke Ceremonies in Italy

“And suddenly you know…it is time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings”
– Anonymous –

Your love
Your hearts
Your smiles
Your laughter
Your unforgettable moments
Your emotions
Your loved ones
Your incredible ceremony in Italy
Your beautifully crafted words


next chapter.

Your day is all about…

Wedding Destinations in Italy

We are truly honoured to write your next chapter and excited at the thought of embracing you one day soon.

Con Amore,