The Most Magical Italian Wedding Destinations

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Your Love Story

So you have decided to celebrate your love and life together, congratulations and I am so sincerely thrilled for you!

You want this important chapter to be the most memorable, to ignite and capture your emotions and imagination. It is your burning desire to celebrate in Italy as this destination is great for a ceremony and more so for an extended short break and honeymoons. You love all things Italian, well, it is no cliché when I tell you that you have chosen to celebrate in the most romantic country in the world and what a chapter it is going to be!

You would love the perfect picturesque album, in the midst of timeless ruins and icons where you can selfie around every corner. Oozing in Renaissance treasures, elegant piazzas, and ornate architecture. You will find yourself memorised as you gaze and people watch the Italians strutting their designer elegance, while drifting along in the hustle and bustle of everyday chaos of retro life in this country that has long been stuck in time.

Culture vultures are spoilt for choice, and even the most mature connoisseurs will never be able to try out all Italy has to produce in the finest of wines and culinary delicacies. If you love the outdoors, trekking, photography, cycling, wandering until your heart’s content in the immense sometimes wild and rugged or groomed nature spaces. There is no other place quite as intense and varied to set your pulses galloping. For all this, it is why you will leave your hearts in Italy and cherish your memories forever.

What about weddings locations? No matter the location you are literally spoilt for choice in terms of accommodation and venues, whether you are looking for a castle, 5-star boutique hotel, shabby chic country houses in the planted olive groves or elegant gardens. Not to forget the locations loved by the rich and famous. Probably, the most difficult part is deciding the location, as Italy is jam packed with options. So, let me synthesise you through the highlights each region has to offer. See my Pinterest account for picture ideas.


Famous for its jaw gauging scenery and immaculate lush vegetation, nominated Chiantishire as this region is highly sought after for weddings and can offer fantastic idyllic wedding venues. The Tuscans have long become master hosts of weddings and are very proud of their opulent glamour spots, you can expect nothing more than the best! Heavily publicised and sought after by the rich and famous, this region offers attention to detail and very fine and groomed hospitality. Luxury can be overstated and extravagant together with the abundance of art and sculptures just hanging around. You should book in advance to be married in a traditional frescoed town hall. The abundance of ancient palazzos and deconsecrated churches, relais de charme or something less formal in a renovated farmhouse kitted with minimalist comforts and furnished in Italian chic. Popular destinations include, Florence, Lucca, Pisa, Arezzo, Chianti. Undeniably the most desired region to get married in Italy.


This region has seen a high increase in domestic and international tourism over the last decade. One of the furthest parts of Italy because of its location on the heel is now easily accessible internationally. This region is naturally rustic and simple which is what makes it attractive as a wedding destination. The region is surrounded by crystal blue sea, plentiful of Masserias (Puglian style farm houses) many of which have been renovated, with minimal furnishings, bedded in vineyards and olive groves which make great outdoor settings.The white washed architecture in this region is reminiscent of Greece. Unique to this region is a vast area of iconic conical roof shaped houses in Ostuni, Alberobello and Locorotondo, not to mention the remarkable beauty of the many ancient castles. If you go further south you can find the distinctive baroque UNESCO heritage sites such as Trani Gallipoli or Lecce, they certainly add a more formal tone to a ceremony and make incredible postcard photos. Last but not least how about saying “I do” barefoot on one of the many beach locations this region has to offer.

Venice and Verona:

Two destinations synonymous with love and romance. Worldly famous and uniquely recognisable for their iconic architecture making them both locations incredible for the photo album. Venice really is complete for its combination of waterways, 5-star boutique hotels, canals, gondolas, splendid ancient palazzos offering ample diversity, it really is so vivid and intense for a floating city setting.Verona city combines a lusty cosmopolitan feel with its collection of Roman ruins, pretty squares and narrow walk ways. Much more sophisticated due to the high collections of art and opera events this city hosts. Romeo and Juliet’s balcony is a popular and sought after location civil and symbolic ceremonies


This region is one of my favourites, just because it is so authentically Italian. This region is up and coming and off the beaten track. To the locals this region is often called the happy island (Isola Felice) and it is no wander. This central region is so rich in natural resources and has an abundance of varied unspoilt landscapes varying between the quaint hilltop medieval hamlets, imposing mountains and rugged countryside among its national parks. The region offers very high number of quality venues scattered in the countryside and along the coastal resorts. There is over 70 kilometres of coastline marked with iconic trabocchi (renovated fishing machines on piles) extended by piers that hang over the sea, making them unique spots for intimate weddings and ceremonies. The charming local people, the vast variety of gastronomic specialities wines which are all locally produced. Unbelievably so much packed in one region for all tastes and budgets, you will be pleasantly surprised by what this atmospheric and magical region has to offer!

Italian lakes:

For sure, an elegant alternative with a ceremony on any of the many lakes in Italy. A wedding by a lake offers a completely different setting, colour palette and atmosphere to any kind of ceremony. In Italy the variety of lakes is phenomenal. Lake Como for instance, hosts enchanting and quaint villages hidden among botanical gardens and numerous estates of aristocrats and wealthy billionaire families. Cernobbio, Laglio, Menaggio, Bellaggio and Varenna, these areas will leave you breathless! Diversify with a river cruise dinner dance; you might even bump into somebody famous. These immaculate locations seem surreal, Lake Garda, Stresa, Maggiore, Orta the list is endless. Many of these lakes have their own dainty islands to arrive to by boat, very stylish features and makes wow factor shots for the album.


This exclusive cosy corner of the world, dazzles with little glittering lights and sea mirrored reflections of multicoloured terraces dotted along the Rivera. Just this creates the perfect fairy tale mood. This area boosts the most diversified landscapes in miniature version. Quaint and away from crowds, with limited access due to UNESCO protection. You will be charmed by the friendly people and this location is perfect all year round due to its mild climate. Ideal for elopements, vow renewals and small intimate weddings. Do not forgot a stroll along via dell’amore, (lovers’ lane) a romantic walk overlooking the sea along the cinque terre coast line. Additionally, Portofino is so idyllic in its inlet setting and hosts an exclusive number of glitzy venues.


This region is known as the green heart because of its vast green vegetation and central location. This region offers so much similar to that you can find in Tuscany in terms of landscapes and venues. It keeps its traditions as it is simply less touristic. This region is a fantastic alternative as there are ample selections of small hamlets and wedding venues, castles, villas. This region has its fair share of lakes and a number of waterfalls too. Unpretentious, essentially understated luxury and scrumptiously hard to resist once you have discovered it. This region is a must find!

The Alps:

You will be allured to this raw and rural area any time of the year, for wintery scenery and snug log fires or to escape the summer heat and gasp that fresh air. This bold and rural place speaks for itself, renowned for its popular ski resorts and has been hosting a variety of ceremonies, wedding and elopement for many years. The lake reflections are stunning, you can take a boat ride alongside the lake or walk along the rim where you will come across a cute little chapel, boathouse dock, and a loop trail through the trees.
After a few selfies at Lago Di Braies, make your way to the mountain village of Cortina D’Ampezzo. It is a great walk with Dolomites as a backdrop. For a top view of the Dolomite peaks hike up the three Peaks in Alta Pusteria.

Emilia Romagna:

Bologna is the regions’ famous capital. Iconic for its red brick towers and porticoes Bologna is a renowned centre of excellence for music, cinema, art, history and cultural heritage. The region offers a stock of renovated retro chic cultural heritage dotted sporadically in the Bolognese hills. You are sure to find a unique castle or historic villa to combine with culinary variety, food quality is top priority. This region is proud of its “fat” reputation as it is better known to the Italians as the “La Grassa”. Capital to luxury producers of cars, food, clothing, machinery and education it makes this region also highly desirable.

This green region is buzzing and popular for young couples as they are also drawn to the many coastal areas for sun and sea. This region is also an ideal base if you would like the day trips to nearby Venice, Florence, Verona, Lake Garda and Florence. All this for a fraction of the price compared to its neighbouring regions.

So, there you go, listed above are just some highlights of the wealth of options available to you and by no means is this list exhaustive.

Whichever destination wins your heart you will be truly smitten and spoilt.

Con amore Michelle.

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